Stranger Things Season 1 Review

Stranger Things Netflix Original Light Review


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Stranger Things Netflix Original Light Review

Total Episodes: 8

Length: 45 Minutes per episode (feels like 30 minutes to me but yea.) be advised there will be spoilers!


Hey OH Great Super Awesome Blerd community I am here with a review for the Netflix Original Stranger Things!


The Good: First off I need to make a Super Special Shoutout to Netflix and of course by extension the Netflix Originals shows. They have moved from “oh this may not be good” to a full blown “this is my new obsession, Jesus take the wheel” that compels you to binge watch the entire series and leaves you with gut wrenching agony when you’re on that last episode.



Storyline: The storyline was extremely well written! You truly are getting this aura of the 80’s from the theme song, down to the Dungeons and Dragons addiction. The writers apply the perfect mixture of nerd, comedy, horror and suspense that always keeps you asking what the hell will happen next. The story surrounds four pre-teenaged boys (Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair) who are of course best of friends and live in a small town (Hawkins). (Bestfriends as in they all sit in a basement playing a ten hour campaign of Dungeons and Dragons). One of the four friends (Will Byers) is tracked and abducted by a mysterious creature while going home. The creature is eventually dubbed the Demogorgon. Named after a powerful creature from their favorite game Dungeons and Dragons. Small disclosure and spoiler: the creature is an inter-dimensional beast, which dimension is paralleled to our own. The three remaining friends (Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson) rally together to solve the mystery of their friends abduction yet stumble upon a strange girl (Eleven) who’s past is beyond the words sad and sketchy (I would have never thought that a character could come close to pulling on my heart strings like Harry Potter forced to live with his evil aunt and uncle underneath the cupboard… I will say that I was wrong this show was not that far off.)

The Actors: Each actor was born to play their roles, from their facial expressions down to the gestures and witty sarcasm. From the main characters all the way to those side characters they don’t miss a beat.

But I have to give a super special shoutout you he child actors and Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers):


Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers): Her performance was staggering! You are truly pulled in and feel this empathy for her losing her child physically! Yet the maternal link between mother and child shines through colorizing the blurred lines of love, insanity and how far a mother would go for her child.


The Trio: (Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard , Gaten Matarazzo) performances were amazing, each line calculated to be this amazing unity of nerd based friendship. It even grasp a certain sophistication and truth that most people fall blind to.



Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven): Eleven has risen to the ranks to enter my top 10 favorite psychokinetic empowered beings. Her performance was truly shocking. She was able to show such character development in only eight episodes.

The Bad: There was little bad with this show! My only exception stem from me being a nerd and dire need for explanation that will probably show up in Season Two but I am too stubborn to wait so I will complain!


Eleven’s Powers: Eleven, the strange girl with mysterious past exhibits a variety of psychic abilities from telekinesis to telepathy to astral projection and dimensional portal creation! However I am just sooooo confused on the limitations of her powers! Like one minute she is struggling to keep a door closed and next thing I know she is altering the Earth’s gravity and leisurely flipping vans.




Eleven Killing the Creature: This is probably the biggest spoiler of all so speed read this! Eleven eventually is forced to battle the creature. Not only does she defeat it but she prepares a farewell to her love interest (which I will not reveal so watch!) In these moment she and the creature disappear into what seems to be ash. My question is did she close the other dimensional doorways the creatures created or are they each still open? Or did she just use herself as a conduit to strengthen and or repair the dimensional rifts that she created?????


All and all the show is an excellent ride and everyone needs to watch! If you like what you’ve read please share or comment! If you didn’t like please express your views. Follow us on twitter @blerdyreport and like us on Facebook.


























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