Spider-Man: A Review

Spider-Man Far From Home: A Review by Dayshawn Gaines

Director: Jon Watts

Runtime: 2hr 9m

Spoiler Light: Please SEE THE MOVIE! If you haven’t already!

Blerdy Report family we are back with a review for Spider-Man Far From Home.

Its available for purchase or rent, so check it out via redbox or amazon.

First off, I have to say to be a sequel this movie did not disappoint!  It was the much-needed balancing agent to help me heal from the devastation caused by Avengers Endgame. So, for that I do give my deepest thanks. 

Now time for the review.

Sorrow was the calling card left after the fallout of Avenger’s Endgame, yet time marches forward the world attempting to adjust after the loss of both of earth’s mightiest avengers (Tony & Steve) and the return of half the universes population.  Peter Parker our friendly neighborhood Spiderman finds himself at a cross roads, his heart broken while the blaring scarlet lights of great expectations blind him, the screams of millions who demand an answer (i.e. replacement to the vacancy left by Ironman). Thankfully the life of hero breeds distractions: Love, A European Adventure, a “Super Powered Ally”, Otherworldly monsters, and super spies should be more then efficient. Will Peter crack under the weight of the spider?

The Good:

“The New/ Next Tony Stark”

One of the best things about Far From Home would be the progression of the characters as the MCU takes the next steps into Phase four. Peter as everyone can recall once riddle with impatience to prove himself among the other hero’s has been calmed by experience (specifically the cost of being a hero). Now he is put into a situation that removes the shelter he was so comfortable in, the world needing the him to take the next step. The movie actively double down the earth’s gravity for Peter and suffocates him, all while trying to have him function in his everyday life, I believe this makes the movie sing. 

Classic Villains:

The use of classic villains Mysterio, Hydro and Molten Man was an excellent surprise despite hydro and molten man not operating in in their original compacity and transformed into “elementals”.

Elementals: where introduced in “Supernatural Thrillers issue #8 august 1974”, elementals an extra-dimensional beings granted immortality and dominion of specific natural forces i.e. earth, air, fire, and water. Their names: Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, Zephyr.

However, the introduction of Mysterio was amazing. Not many are aware of this but Mysterio is one of Spider-man s oldest villains even predating the infamous Green Goblin.  Mysterio introduced in Amazing Spider-man issue 13, 1964. The master of illusion was brought out in all the glamour that brought me to the edge of my seat. What I have to commend is the successful reestablishment into the present and keeping his most of his original attack plan in tactic.  

The Visual’s:

The visuals were amazing! Of course, they had to be to balance both Spider-man and the famed master of illusion. What I really love is the connection they kept to the comics, readily recreating in many forms what we’ve seen. But nothing was more pleasing then the use of psychological trauma/ double down with hyper realistic illusions to help shatter Peter’s already fragile state.

The Bad:

Spider Sense:

I am going to need a massive improvement on the spider sense ASAP! The spider sense is one of spider-man’s most powerful abilities. Yes, I know it wasn’t fully functional to its full capacity, Peter’s powers are notoriously connected to his emotional state. However, the movies haven’t made it clear to the audience when this power is active (we only got a slight indication in Infinity War displayed on his forearm). I think I can speak to for all fans we need to know when the power is active.  I also believe that it will add that extra kick to the film.

Secret ID:

I feel Spider-man was way to loose with his secret ID. I understand his trust of certain parties and friends, Aunt May, Happy, Nick, Maria Hall. But as you watch the movie you will see exactly what I mean. I can play devil’s advocate and say the secret ID thing in this day in age without batman level precautions might pose a bit of a challenge. Security is extremely heightened, and privacy is decreasing but help us out in fan world.

Spider-Man HERO: Spider-Man as we all know has always been a hero, we all can hear uncle beans famous lesson “with great power comes with great responsibility”. The issue with the MCU, is currently, with Spider-man is that he didn’t undergo the phase where he was public enemy number one. Or at least it wasn’t displayed. What the MCU has shown us is his great heroics as the neighborhood superhero who has built an amazing rapport with law enforce and has a positive image in the media. Media scrutiny was fundamental in Spider-man daily life and added to his story and more importantly his character still fighting for justice.  With this erased by his heroics the mid-credit scene at the end of the movie is just fraught with with issues.

Dayshawn Gaines is a co-editor for the Blerdyreport. You can follow him on twitter @daygaines. We’d love to hear from you so please share your thoughts in the comments.

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