Reflections on the Viewing Experience of Black Panther!


black panther family

Reflections on the Viewing Experience of Black Panther!


Day Gaines

First off, I wanted to give thanks to the amazing cast, writers, producers, and anyone who had anything to do with Black Panther! You amazing human beings have brought to life an epic character, a warrior, a hero, a king, and his kingdom! More importantly the representation that people of color require!


Hey whats-up friends, Roman, Countrymen today I am not here for a review, today I am here to address an issue that I’ve come to find most aggravating. This issue(s) is the hate that “intellectuals” or “woke”  African Americans had on the movie Black Panther. Also the surrounding world that is telling us to “calm down”  that we’ve taken this whole thing to bit of an extreme. Well here is my response to these individuals NO!, HELL NO! We will not “calm down” we will not contain or dim our excitement to appease any of you! Let’s start off with the supposed “intellectuals” and “woke” African Americans who attempted to both diminish the power of fiction, and compare Black Panther to other historical films, an example:  “Birth of a Nation”, asking the infernal question of why the African American population didn’t support Birth of a Nation as much as they supported Black Panther!  Please hear me out, please  do not misunderstand or misinterpret my words in anyway! To learn about the figure(s) like Nat Turner and countless others is important!




It is important to learn about the demonic exploitation of the African people, both should be discussed regularly to bring to light the social, political, and economic ramification of slavery that still are alive and well today.  However!, SLAVERY AND HARDSHIP DO NOT MAKE UP THE ENTIRETY OF OUR HISTORY! Long before slavery in the America’s and many other places  we lead great nations, and kingdoms as Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, and Emperors! We  explored the world, revolutionized warfare, developed sciences mathematics, religions and so much more! So knowing all of this I think I can speak for a majority of the people of African decent that  we are beyond tired of seeing this limiting narrative put on screen year after year. All the while ignoring names like Mansa Musa, Imhotep, Hannibal, Shaka Zulu, Akhenaten, Yaa Asantewaa, Dahomey Amazons, Amanirenas, Queen Nzinga Mbande and COUNTLESS OTHERS! We are tired of seeing people of African decent running, hiding, or as criminals and poor.


Black Panther  is a dream, it is a beautiful, mesmerizing tale that shows African people not in chains but sitting on top of the world. Black Panther gave us a whole new world  were we do not fall on bended knee, and with its amazing cast screaming that it’s okay to dare to exist in a multitude of shades. Black Panther even has the courage to tackle and reflect the world around us, speaking out against mass incarceration, and corrupt governments. Last and certainly not least this is just the very beginning. Allowing more stories with more peoples of color to go on the big screen! There is already talk of Ryan Coogler, and Michael B. Jordan working on a film about Mansa Musa ! (


Now for the rest of the world please, step up! As I said before we will not contain ourselves, we will dress up ! Dawn our costumes, grab our movies props  and be as extra as humanly possible! Why?

1. A movie like this  has never been done before! Yes we have had a few great films like my idol Wesley Snipes and his epic rendition of Blade, Michael Jai White as Spawn. They were the kick start, they presented an African American lead skillfully but Black Panther transcended this achievements!

2. Would you call LORT( Lord Of The Rings), Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Track, Marvel, and DC Comics fans extra? Taking things to a bit of an extreme ? So what is the problem with dressing up for Black Panther? What is so shocking, so outrageous about this?  This reaffirms the issue of representation , a sign that representation is desperately required  so that when African Americans break the social norms that excluded them for doing things that every other American has the luxury of doing it won’t be as much of an issue. (special exclusion)

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