Spider-man: Homecoming A Review

Spider-Man:  Homecoming, A Review

Runtime: 2 hrs 13 minutes

Director: Jon Watts

Reviewed by Day Gaines


Whats-up friends, Romans and countrymen of the Blerdy Report I am back with a review for Spider-Man: Homecoming!


1st off let me just start the review by saying Spider-Man holds a very special place in my heart, his countless adventures and seemingly endless struggle has made him among of my favorite heroes. Now lets us begin our review!


The movie takes places after the events of Captain America Civil War, a young Peter Parker star struck by the glamour of battle between the once united Avengers now returns home to the city that never sleeps. Restless Peter is thirsting for the next big battle unaware that get his wish in the form of a bird of scavenging and stolen alien weaponry. The two usher in this exhilarating game of bird and spider, yet some battles hit a little too close to home for comfort.


The Good:

Storyline: the storyline was great and for the most part very easy to follow along with high action and just the perfect hint of Comedy and Drama a Spider-Man movies demands! What I really have to point out is that this film wasn’t and Iron Man 4 with a splash of Spider-Man, the writers and directors respected the character enough to allow him to stand on his own while being able to slide the infamous Tony Stark here and there.



Tom Holland: Tom did an amazing job, he truly delivered on the duality of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Tom’s acting prowess really shines in the film able to display this colorful array of emotions from eccentric, indecision and so on.

Visuals: the movies visuals were great! Had me on the edge of my seat with eyes glued to the movie screen.



Spider-Man’s Suit: The suit was awesome, however, I have a love hate relationship because it acts as both a handicap, a power boost, and a distraction from a vital missing component, that many would claim makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man! Yet despite this fact I can not say the suit wasn’t awesome to see on the big screen, also has the dual purpose of flushing out the character almost like an extremely high tech Jiminy Cricket!



Bully Transformation: The film has done an interesting job at displaying that a bully has more than one form, they removed the standardized form of a bully which is normally associated with popularity and highly desirable body feature etc, and now showed the world that bullies come in all shape and sizes.


The Bad:


“My Spider Sense is not tingling”: In the film, Peter Parker is without his trusty spider sense! For all those who don’t really understand what the spider sense is, the spider sense is essentially an omnidirectional and or present early warning detection system, this grants Peter 360 awareness of his environment. To further point out its power it’ allows Peter to do many amazing things which include web sling without having to see where he shoots his webs, fight blindfolded, also is the main platform for his personal martial art known as “the way of the spider” which uses this amazing ability to its greatest potential, and so much more. Being robbed of this ability for the film allowed Peter to be put into compromising positions I.e. Peter’s secret identity being blown!

Well that’s all for now!!! We’d love to hear from all of you please feel free to leave comments below and check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!!!


  1. I told my niece how much I loved Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War and she threatened to disown me. Thanks for the review, I’ll give this reboot a chance. It has to be better than The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2.


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