Blade: House of Chthon, A Review (AKA: This Ain’t Wesley Snipe’s Blade)




Review: Blade: House of Chthon


Day Gaines

Creator: David S. Gover

season(s): 1

Episode(s): 13

Runtime: 46 minutes


What’s up ladies and gents of the Blerdy Report I am back with a review for Blade

House of Chthon


Blade: House of Chthon, was released June 28th 2006 originally airing on Spike Network, the show takes place directly after the events of Blade Trinity. The story follows Krista Starr, played Jill Wagner, an army veteran returning home from a tour in Iraq to find her brother has died of circumstances far from normal. Krista begins her investigation into her brother’s death to find out that he is a vampire’s familiar ( a person who is essentially a servant of the vampire in question in hopes that the vampire will allow them to join their ranks as the undead.), further investigation leads her to Blade the legendary daywalker. The two team up for the destruction of the house of Chthon and to extract vengeance for the murder of Krista’s brother.



The Good: the storyline had tons promise before it was unfortunately canceled, what should really be appreciated about the show would be the respect that show wasn’t a complete reboot and stuck to the precedent storyline despite the two creations being separated by the big and small screens.


Actors: The show had bunch of great actors, in fact the cast chemistry seemed great but I must give me my special shout out to Sticky Fingaz.

Sticky Fingaz: Sticky Fingaz did an amazing job, you could see how much time, effort, and energy he put into this character to make it his own even more so considering this would be his first film where he played such complicated comic anti-hero.


Visuals: For a television show In the early 2000’s which was adapting an incredible movie franchise to bring it to the smaller screen the visuals were pretty good, from the gruesome aspects of vampire dens to even the ash like extermination of the vampire adversaries.




The Bad:

Wesley Snipes = Blade: The television show was a little bit of a drag to watch. Why? Well this fall solely on the fact that for three movies we had one actor who was imbued with the higher budget, special effects, and powerhouse set of martial art skills and acting talent. In essence Wesley Snipes made Blade his own and to see someone else play the role even on the smaller screen is a heartbreak.




The show never really dives into the effects of Daystar, if you don’t remember Daystar was a biological weapon created by the night stalkers in Blade Trinity, it was believed by the NightStalkers that it would have the power to wipe out vampires everywhere, and possibly even kill Blade. Though the tv show has mentioned Daystar and its slight effectiveness (killing vampires but not spreading far enough to reach an extinction level event as desired by the Nightstalkers).


The show also doesn’t really touch upon Daystar’s effect on Blade, it was a primary stressors in Blade Trinity that this could be his finale battle once he faced off against Dracula, however it’s almost like this is just skipped passed.

Like I said, Spike TV needs a good throat punch for making this series because this should not be the last visual image of Blade fans should get. We Deserve Better!


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