Underworld: Blood Wars Film Review


Underworld Blood Wars ReviewRuntime: 1hr 32m

Runtime: 1hr 32m


Dayshawn Gaines

Hey, SUPER AWESOME BLERD COMMUNITY I am back with a review for Underworld Blood Wars.

First off, I am a huge fan of the franchise! If you haven’t seen the previous films you’re seriously missing out on a great story and I don’t recommend that you watch this film without seeing the ones before it. So, without further a due we begin the review!


Be Advised there are spoilers!!!!



Brief Summary: Underworld Blood Wars follows Selene the infamous death dealer we all know and love, in what seems to be months after the events of the previous film Underworld Awakening. Selene has now become the target of both the Lycans and her fellow vampires. The vampires seek her out “to bring her to justice” for the murder of vampire elders (Viktor, & Marcus), while the Lycans hunt her for information for her daughter Eve (the only known hybrid child to ever to exist). However, a new threat known as Marius (leader of the rejuvenated Lycan hordes) has been decimating vampire controlled territories forcing Selene’s vampire brethren (under the desperately plea of Thomas and Semira) to put an end to their witch hunt and allow her sanctuary at the Eastern Coven’s fortress in exchange for her knowledge and skill as a death dealer. However, not all enemies lie outside the Castle walls.


The Good: It’s great to see Selene back on the big screen kicking all types of butt, along with the continuation of the storyline with that gut punch of a cliffhanger in the previous film: Underworld Awakening.


Storyline: The storyline is great despite its plot holes (which will be discussed later in the review) and continues to pioneer and set precedent for the vampire world, primary example: the hybrid. The movie allows you to take a deeper look at the vampire world, more specifically the expected international status of the vampires and their covens whose perspectives of the world differ considerably, I.e. (the Nordic and Eastern coven)



The expansion of Viktor’s history and psychological problems found in his first progeny Semira (newly appointed to the council of elders)! This portion of the movie has a great fit despite the Semira never being mention in the previous films. More importantly, this character echoes this pain of Viktor’s mistake yet his need for obedience.

Actors: The Entire cast was OF COURSE pretty awesome but I have to deliver my SPECIAL SHOUTOUTS!



Kate Beckinsale: Never a dull moment seeing Kate Beckinsale as the vampire warrior Selene! She carries the weight of the role perfectly, able to withstand Selene’s emotional baggage of hundreds of years and present them to you in under two hours.


Theo James: Theo has done a great job with this role, he balances the characters selflessness and bravery with what seems to be ease.


Charles Dance: I am pretty sure Charles Dance is secretly a vampire because he slips into the role of Thomas like a second skin.


Bradley James: It was great to see Bradley James in this film, he played his role with pure awesomeness as a power source, His role in the film also reminded me a little of his portrayal of Arthur Pendragon in BBC’s Merlin.

Visuals: This installment has done an interesting job at displaying the vampires and Lycans physical capabilities, this is shown in various fight scenes throughout the movie. Blood also plays a huge role in the movie. Now I already know what you’re going to say Day this is a vampire movie, blood is kinda a given. But just cool your jets and hear me out. BloodWars took a new dynamic in its focus on blood, this is mainly due to the preciousness of the blood presented in the storyline (Elder Blood, & Hybrid Blood). These rare bloods have psychological changes in the person who is consuming them, this is highly evident in Lycans more specifically Marius, yet it was refreshing spun to see this in Semira once she consumed Selene’s blood which of course was enhanced thanks to Alexander Corvinus.


Selene’s Enhanced Powers: While battling Marius in the Nordic Coven Selene suffers a fatal blow, she is saved by what I can only describe as a Nordic Vampire Mystic who uses a ceremony which places Selene in a cocoon that allowed her access to a different plane of existence, and when she emerged she had grown dramatically more powerful paired with a physical change in her hair from jet black to blonde-ish texture toward the bottom.

One of the primary powers displayed by Selene’s transformation would be this enhanced speed never presented in the franchise, it can almost resemble teleportation yet shares this fluidity like the wind which was amazing especially when seen in conjunction with fight scenes.

Another power that seems to come with Selene’s transformation would be what I guess is energy or aura sensing. I assume this because toward the end of the film Selene awaits the return of her daughter Eve, as if she knew that she would come in that specific direction.


The Bad: Alright so the biggest problem I had with the movie would have to be the plot holes.


Eve Leaving: Eve wouldn’t leave the mother who A. she has been dreaming about her entire life, B. risked her life storming an entire facility of lycan’s to save her life. C. there was still the issue of finding her father Michael. This made this portion of the film seem manufactured. Especially since the Eve displayed in Underworld Awakening had this timid, clingy persona.


“Michael’s Death”: Upon accidentally consuming Marius’s blood during battle Selene catches a glimpse of Michael in Marius’s memories, Selene quickly runs off to the safety of a battle cage that kept Marius at bay while she consumed the remaining blood still dripping from the knife she cut Marius with. Once ingested Selene saw Marius killing Michael (death by exsanguination). This is a major problem for me! In the previous film, Michael,  broke free after Selene shot the cryogenic tank that kept him in stasis. This left Michael free and clear to make it to the rooftop and vanish into the night with the combination of the chaos Selene caused by leveling the building and killing most of Antigen’s security. Yet, in Blood Wars, Michael is shown awakening from slumber only to be killed as if he was some kinda newbie. This doesn’t make sense, not just from the standpoint of information from the previous movie, but the fact that Michael is a hybrid one who survived being “killed” by an elder Marcus, came back to life only to kill the first werewolf! There is no way in hell he would be killed so easily.

Exposure: No explanation has been given about how the humans discovered the existence of vampires and Lycans clans. They both implement rules and or laws that keep a leash on their numbers. Plus, it was stated in the first films that not everyone can be transformed into a Lycan or a vampire! “Most die within an hour of being bitten by an immortal” Selene to Michael.

All in all, the movie was pretty awesome, a thrill ride filled with gripping emotion and I recommend everyone to give it a watch! If you like what you’ve read, please follow and share the Blerdy Report. If you have your own opinions please feel free to comment below, we at the Blerdy Report love feedback!

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