LIGHT Killing Joke Review

LIGHT Review on Batman: The Killing Joke


Mr. Day Gaines (follow him on twitter @g33inc)


Recently I’ve devoted time to watch Batman: The Killing Joke Directed by: Sam Liu and Written by: Brian Azzarello. In short the movie was amazing! I recommend everyone to see it!


Batman: The Killing Joke was originally created in 1988, it was a “one shot” DC Comic graphic novel Written by: Allen Moore and Illustrated by Brian Bolland. Their forces combined brought to light their take on the Joker’s origins and psychological profile (a family man and failed comedian who suffered the iconic “one bad day” transforming him into the clown prince of crime we all know and love.)


First off the voice actors were beyond perfect! This is a super special shout out to Mark Hillman and Kevin Conroy. Their voices provide the hook that keeps your eyes and attention spellbound, unable to look away from the screen.

Secondly Director: Sam Liu paid what has to be the ultimate homage to the original comic book and or graphic novel by nearly providing the mirror image of what was seen on the page


Thirdly Director: Sam Liu and Writer: Brian Azzarello grasp on the Jokers psychosis is amazing and by association Batman’s (slight spoiler). Also one thing I should definitely point out, though the movie contains a decent proportion of action, it’s not the driving force in the movie. The movie in my opinion is to tap into the heart of madness that exist within us all, along with the very harsh reality that it takes a single moment and or decision for us to aspire to greats acts of heroism, who fights for what is right in the world or undergo a horrid transformation to a sadistic monsters void of remorse.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. Please leave comments and feedback below.

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