The 5 Actresses who should play Storm in the X-Men Cinematic Universe

The Top 5 Actresses who should play Storm aka Ororo Munroe in the X-Men Universe


Storm 5

Storm is one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe; lets go ahead and put that out there. Storm can control all the elements. This means if she wanted to she could destroy whole parts of the world, which has  actually happened in various storylines in the X-Men comic universe.

Halle Berry:stormstorm


Storm is not this weak and cowering figure portrayed by both  Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp. Storm’s background has been pretty consistent in the Marvel canon. Ororo Munroe first debuted in 1975 during a time where there were only a few major Black characters in the DC and Marvel comic world. Storm arrived at a time when she was needed most, the daughter of a Kenyan princess and American Photojournalist. Born in Harlem, but raised in Africa, Storm represents the perfect duality of African-American heritage. She did grow up on the streets of Cairo as an orphan, but she eventually learned about her powers not from a white mutant, but from the witch Ainet. She would also NEVER admire someone like Mystique! (She’s a villain) She is at one point worshiped as a Goddess and even marries T’Challa aka Black Panther and becomes Queen of Wakanda. Storm’s portrayal in all five of the X-Men films have been an absolute disservice to her character and historical significance.



Let’s get to the whole purpose of this blog because I can go on and on about Storm. The five actresses I’ve selected have a wide range of talent and I believe would be the best women to play a live action Storm, because I’m sorry the previous two actresses were absolutely horrible.



  1. Melanie Liburd

Melianie Liburd

Melanie Liburd is probably the least known actress on this list, which could be a good thing. She is not known for any huge roles, but she possesses the right attitude to portray Storm. If you are not already watching Dark Matter on the SyFy channel then you need to get your life. Melanie portrays newcomer Nix and she is a major BAD ASS! One of things that have been missing in the live action versions of Storm is her Kick Ass attitude and leadership. Melanie’s portrayal of Nix is stealing the show this season on Dark Matter and she can do accents which would be necessary to properly portray Ororo Munroe.

4. Regina Hall

regina hall

Regina Hall has literally been in everything. She is mostly known for her comedic roles in the Scary Movie and Think Like a Man franchises, but Regina is a versatile actress who has the acting acumen to pretty much do anything she puts her mind to. I am not sure if she can do accents, but I believe her north African accent would be 10 times better than Alexandra Shipp’s and Halle Berry’s. Hall has everything to portray Storm accurately and passionately. She is not only beautiful but talented and would do the role of Ororo Munroe justice, plus she does have a background in working with roles that aren’t given a lot of screen time, but each time she’s on the screen, she simply steals the show. This is what Storm needs if we are ever to get a possible Storm Solo film.

3. Kimberly Elise


Kimberly Elise is another actress similar to Regina Hall who has been everything EXCEPT a huge SyFy or Superhero film. Elise is an absolutely amazing actress. She is a familiar face and she is the type of actress that likes a challenge. I believe portraying Storm would be the type of challenge Elise would relish in and blow it out of the park. She has not really done many action movies,but let’s be honest, she is twice the actress Halle Berry is and would create a version of Storm that would be completely her own. She possesses the right attitude, height, and swagger to play a weather Goddess.


2. Nicole Beharie

Nicole Beharie

Nicole Beharie aka Abby Mills would be a fantastic Storm. She is an amazingly talented actress. Beharie was the best part of Sleepy Hollow. Nicole turned a role that could have been a side kick position into something truly special. Abby Mills KICKED major ASS and has a very strong fan base who would be beyond excited to see her become Ororo Munroe. Beharie already has a relationship with Fox and could easily transition into playing a Superhero in a movie because she played one on Sleepy Hollow. She may not be as tall as some of the other actresses, but she has the attitude, beauty, and passion to take control of Storm’s character and make her absolutely amazing.


1. Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris is my number 1 choice for Storm. When I look at her I feel like she is the living embodiment of Ororo Munroe. Harris was first introduced to all of us in the US as Tia Dalma the Sea Goddess Calypso. A role that could have been forgettable had it not been for Harris’s performance. Naomie has a history in the sci-fi world because her first role as a child actress was in the British version of the Tomorrow People at the age of nine. Naomie Harris currently plays Eve Moneypenny in the Bond films and we saw that she can Kick Ass. She did an amazing job as Winnie Mandela and we know that she is amazing with accents. I feel that of all the actresses on this list she has all the elements  to give us fans the best Storm we could possibly wish for; she has the height, passion, beauty, skills, and attitude to be an absolutely perfect Storm.

Please feel free to leave your comments below as to who you think would make the best live action Storm!


  1. Nice list you have here, although I am not a Marvel fanatic, or heavy follower, but I must say that the ladies listed are indeed above and beyond. Thank you for posting three of my favorites, Elise, Regina and my girl Nicole. I agree that Elise has that swagger and she can deliver that no nonsense kick ass attitude, so can Nicole, although not of that stature, Nicole can deliver that presence. As for Regina, I’ve mainly seen her in comedic roles, but she is an awesome actress it would be very interesting to see her in a role like this. The other ladies I am not familiar with, but your report has me curious, I am now going in search of their works. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Great read!

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  2. This whole list gave me life ! It’s about time someone has spoken out about who the hell STORM is.! (OMEGA Level Mutant & Sorcress)

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  3. To see Storm portrayed the way she was in the comics would be absolutely amazon. She is quite possibly one of my favourite characters and I can’t understand why the decide to show her as a low level mutant, who can’t contribute to the team. I really want them to get it right for a change. I always thought Gina Torres would have been awesome as Storm.

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