What Marvel is getting wrong!



I’ve been listening to several podcasts such as Screen Junkies: Movie FightsThe Insanity Check, and reading the blogs and there is a trend I’m noticing; Marvel can do no wrong in the eyes of many. Now, on the flip side of this is the brutal treatment DC/Warner Brothers is getting with Batman V Superman and the PR for Justice League. Is this a fair assessment and why is none of the Marvel Fan boys pointing out the serious flaws that exist in the MCU?


I am going to point out just a few for you guys because it is something that needs to happen. Flaw One: the plot holes and over hype of Captain America: Civil War. I guess I’ll say it, that wasn’t a Civil War; it was a sparring session. No one was really ever at risk of being hurt. In an actual Civil War, people die and things are changed forever. Ummmm, what were the lasting consequences of Civil War? Team Cap and Team Stark aren’t really mad at one another, Bucky went back to sleep in Wakanda, where he is safe and NO ONE DIED!!!!!

Civil War


Flaw Two: The Woman Problem. They are not handling Scarlett Witch’s story right at all. It is very hard to really tell Wanda’s story without her father or brother. It is even worse when she is completely sane. Hers and Vision’s story was one of the weakest parts of the entire film. Yes, they’re married in the comic, but the road to their romance is very bumpy, awkward and uncomfortable. Black Widow is not getting her own film as of yet, and Captain Marvel isn’t coming until 2018. (Jessica Jones doesn’t count because she is NEVER going to APPEAR in the MCU)


Flaw Three: Weak Villains. Seriously, can we get a Villain of some substance and depth because Every Villain, with the exception of Loki has been completely horrible? The great thing about DC in their films and comics is that they have amazing Villains who make you want to be the bad guy. Name me a Marvel Villain that makes you wish you were the bad guy?

Villains Marvel

Flaw Four: Weird and Pointless romance plotlines. OK, sooooo for all intents and purposes there really aren’t any power couples in the MCU. Black Widow and The Hulk (YIKES); Agent 13 and Captain America (Double Yikes) how are you going to kiss your first love’s niece on the day of her funeral? Ummm that’s it because Natalie Portman hates doing Thor so I doubt she’ll be in Thor: Ragnarok and no one likes Paltrow, so yeah there is no love in the MCU. I don’t count any of the Netflix or TV shows because lets face it; they aren’t really in the MCU. Marvel would have been better off having Black Widow and the Winter Soldier start something because then it would be complex ,passionate, and fascinating to watch.


Flaw Five: Hit or Miss Films. No one talks about the Misses of MCU. Everyone, and I mean everyone has something to say about Batman V Superman (which isn’t that bad actually) it was beautifully shot and has given us the best Batman to date. I digress, Iron Man 2&3, Thor: Dark World, Captain America: First Avenger, Avengers: Age of Ultron, All Hulk movies, were either mediocre or just flat out terrible movies. And to top it all off because of Age of Ultron, Joss Whedon is broken.

These are just a few of the problems that Marvel has, but I’m going to stop here because I’m sure some of you need to cool off, but I will say that Marvel Comics is being completely DOMINATED by DC Comics and that is yet another major problem they have because their most popular characters for decades were the X-Men and they have completely neglected them all because FOX owns the film rights.

I’d love to hear from you guys, so leave me a comment!