Batman V Superman R-Rated extra gems!

I am extremely excited for the R-Rated Batman V Superman. The fact that there is a R-Rated version is amazing in of itself, because maybe we can get an R-Rated DCEU film in the future.

red hood

Maybe a Red Hood and Arsenal standalone film, since Nightwing is making an appearance in Suicide Squad.


the outlaws


Or a Red Hood and the Outlaws standalone  R-Rated film. I think that these would be perfect characters to add some more depth and complexity to the DCEU.


At any rate, check out the link below to find out more gems about the upcoming Batman V Superman R-Rated release in July.

Warner Bros. There’s been a lot of curiosity over just who Jena Malone was playing in Batman V Superman before her role got cut from the theatrical release. We later learned we’d find out just who she was on the longer R-rated cut for the Blu-Ray, and, of course, now that this cut is out…

via ‘Batman V Superman’ Finally Reveals Jena Malone’s Role — Real Stories – UPROXX

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