Why Now?


The current blogosphere is filled with countless writers, critics, storytellers, etc… so what would I have to offer now that would be new for 2016? Well, the answer to that rhetorical question is simple, why not now? I’ve got a great and original voice to add to the Nerd community. The other reason why now is because comic books, video games, films, and television are things that provoke a great passion in me and besides my dog and cat almost all of my friends are college professors who could care less about why Halle Berry was the worst actress to play Storm or that , wasn’t as good as everyone makes it out to be. Oh yeah, I’m coming for Cap. So I’ve made a list of some of the reasons why I’m doing the The Blerdy Report.



  1. I figured it was time to put those thoughts and all that passion to good use and share my views and opinions about such things as the current direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why Olivia Pope needs a real black female friend in her life.
  2. Within the Nerd community the presence of African American women is greatly lacking and visibility matters. Shout out to the The Black Girl Nerds for paving the way and having an amazing community for Black Girl Nerds to commune.
  3. I am not a bandwagon Fan Girl. I will be critical and fair of both DC and Marvel films and TV shows.
  4. I will not discuss  Tyler Perry movies or TV shows. You’re welcome!
  5. I hope to spark some really conversations about various films and TV shows. (I’ll respond to all comments and questions)
  6. I want Blerd and Blerdy to be added to Webster’s  dictionary.
  7. Lastly, and this is the most important,


In all seriousness, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and views with all of you. Please spread the word amongst your friends and I’ll be seeing all of you soon! Thanks for stopping by! You can follow the report on twitter @BlerdyReport.



  1. I love the fact that there are more places online being created for the intelligent black women. I enjoyed this introduction and look forward to more! Do your thang Ms. Donalson!

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    1. Yes I am and here’s why. First, Catwoman was a victim of a bad story and director. I think Halle Berry was the one redeeming quality of that movie and had the potential to be something special under the right director. Her interpretation of Storm is flat out wrong. She does not possess the fire, passion and charm of Storm.


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